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How to design membrane switch

Designing membrane switch is necessary before producing membrane switch,the main process are below

Capacitive Touch Switch

Capacitive touch switch combined normal panel and capacitive sensor together.Unlike traditional push-button switches, capacitive switches don’t need press,.Only put finger on the button in the sensing area, can be recognized by the machine through the film sensor operation.Most of the buttons are made by acrylic panels or injection parts with backlight display function which has a good appearance .Capacitive keypad has a fashionable appearance and long service life, so it has great advantages in many applications such as smart home appliances, cars, mobile phone communication, medical instruments and toys.

Graphic Overlay

PC/PET label is also called graphic overlays,membrane control panel,front panel.PC/PET label is printed on the transparent PET/PC with the designed graphics, then stuck on adhesive layer and cut into the required shape. Another way to make a PC/PET label is to emboss the designed graphic on panel.

Metal dome membrane switch

The deformation of the metal dome causes the connection of anode and cathode when press the key. That is how the switch work. (They function in the following way: The metal domes are placed on the printed circuit board by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. In their relaxed state, the metal domes rest on the outer rim of the primary pathway. When pushed, the domes collapse and make contact with the secondary pathway, thereby closing the circuit.)

poly dome membrane switch

When you press the poly dome key, the silver print under the dome connects with circuit on opposite layer, thereby closing the circuit. The click hand feeling indicates the correct operation. The function of poly dome is similar as metal dome.

Waterproof membrane switch

Waterproof Membrane switch,waterproof membrane keypad,waterproof membrane panel.

PCB membrane switch

PCB Membrane switch , Printed Circuit board membrane switch ,PCB membrane keypad,PCB membrane panel, PCB membrane button.

Membrane switch mounting and operation

The membrane switch should be used on flat and hard surface to press keypad. Do not press it on soft or curving surface or pinch it on hand. Wrong operation will short the lifespan of switch and also will cause damage.

Membrane switch material

FLEXKYS membrane switch materials are all raw materials certified by rohs and reach.

FLEXKYS QC Standards

Flexkys takes full advantages of the latest technology to verify our product’s quality. We have implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management system and have got ISO9001:2015 in year 2018. Clear procedures, methods and standards, provides the guarantee for high-quality product supply.

Embossed keys with sheilding layer membrane switch

Feature: The keys of the graphic overlay are embossed. Concerning about the sheilding & top circuit layer, silver points are printed in the back of sheilding layer. Without poly dome or metal dome, when you press the embossed keys, there is no tactile feeling. But if you require the tactile feeling, we can add the poly dome in the back of the embossed keys. In addition, the sheilding function has stong ability of anti electrostatic interference performance and make the whole machine work well.

Flat keys non-tactile membrane switch

Features: The keys of the graphic overlay are flat, there are some flat silver point on the top circuit layer, when you press the keys, the whole circuit is in on-state. In addition, there is a light feeling and high sensitivity of the keys. The service life is much longer than the keys with strong tactile feeling. What’s more, the quality is steady and there is little poor contact. Disadvantage: There is no obvious tactile feeling, so the pressure result should be based on the sound signal or indicator lights given by the machine.

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