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Waterproof membrane switch

►Waterproof membrane switch
Waterproof Membrane switch,waterproof membrane keypad,waterproof membrane panel.

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►Basic info
Waterproof membrane switch in a humid environment can prevent water or moisture from permeating into the membrane switch edge cracks panel and equipment shell.Waterproof membrane switch can be used in outdoor or high humidity environment.

►Structure presentation

►Waterproof Solution

(1)structure design - with waterproof sealing ring;
(2)material selection - use waterproof adhesive which will not fail in the immersion water leakage.
  Recommend material:3M468,3M55280

►Normal material

Application Environment Panel Material Back Adhesive Material
Indoor Gross/Matte PC,PET 3M467,3M468,3M300LSE
Outdoor Autotex XE V200 3M468,3M 55280,3M 300LSE

►Working environment
Humidity:IP 65

►Electrical performance
Circuit voltage:DC 50V MAX (others need meet components)
Circuit current:200mA MAX for silver print circuit;1A MAX for FPC/PCB
Closed circuit resistance:normally <10 ohm(details see products designing and circuit length)
Button working life:>50million times
Response time:<10 ms

►Note on mounting and operation

The stick process is finished in one time.Tearing off the pasted switch will affect the adhesion of the back       and damage button and electronic components.
Be gently when mounting.Do not pull the tail with force. 
It is required to stick on the smooth surface of ABS, PC, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc., and there is      no dust, water or other solvent on object surface.
Pasting and mounting operation temperature needed:15~30℃,RH40%~70
The min bend degree is R=2mm
Input voltage and current shall meet the performance requirements of the switch.
Do not use hard objects like screwdriver,metal stick in case of any malfunction on pressing buttons.
Don’t knock button by heavy objects.
Use it in required environment


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