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Membrane switch material

 Part Ordinary Material
    Finish Specification
Graphic Overlay
Gloss 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
Matt 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
PET (polyester)    Fine Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex F150/F200, imported)
Velvet Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex V150/V200, imported)
Gloss with Hard Coat      0.18 mm thickness  
Top Adhesive PET Double-sided adhesive   0.10/.22/.28 mm thickness
Paper Double-sided Tape   0.10 mm thickness
Transfer Tape   0.06/.12 mm thickness
Retainer PET Gloss 0.125 mm thickness
Spacer PET Double-sided Tape   0.225/.275 mm thickness
Circuit Layer PET Gloss 0.1/.125 mm thickness

Rear Adhesive   
Paper Double-sided Tape    0.10 mm thickness
  Transfer Tape   0.06/.12 mm thickness (3M467/3M468) 
Connector Pin   Metal,Male/Female 2.54mm
House   Female,2.54mm
  Silver Paste   Acheson ELECTRODA 820B
Carbon Paste   Acheson ELECTRODA 423SS
Insulation Ink   Acheson ELECTRODA 452SS
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