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Embossed keys with sheilding layer membrane switch

►Shielding layer membrane switch
Shielding layer membrane switch is also called Shielding layer membrane keypad,Shielding layer membrane keyboard,Shielding layer membrane button or membrane keyboard.

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►Basic info
Shielding layer membrane switch can well prevent the influence of static electricity on the equipment.

►Structure presentation

►Basic info
The membrane switch with shielding layer can well prevent the disturb of static electricity on the switch and also can prevent disturb and damage of static electricity on the electronic components behind the membrane switch.The shielding layer membrane switch can form a shielding chamber together with machine shell to protect the electronic components inside the machine.

►Normal material
Normal shielding material:
①:Shielding layer is made by mesh silver printed on PET.The finer the mesh, the better shielding effect and the higher the production cost.
②It is the lowest way to print silver on PET to make the shielding layer.
③The highly cost effective shielding is paste aluminum foil on PET.

►Working environment

►Electrical performance
Circuit voltage:DC 50V MAX (others need meet components)
Circuit current:200mA MAX for silver print circuit; 1A MAX for FPC/PCB
Closed circuit resistance:normally <10 ohm(details see products designing and circuit length)
Button working life:>50million times
Response time:<10 ms

►Notice on mounting and operating
①Clean up the surface where the switch is bonded and make sure it is flat ,without rust, oil and dust.
②Compare the size to membrane switch where need be stick ,check if position is correct.
③Tear off 10mm length of the bottom release paper from side.
④Put the tail through the back board. Please do not pull the tail with force. The minimum bending radian of the lead wire is R=2mm. The hold edge must smooth in case of damaging the tail.
⑤Align the panel with the sticking place and press on the fixed part, then slowly remove the rest release paper and flat the panel.
⑥The stick process is finished in one time.Switch can not be repeated stick.
⑦Please make sure the bending angel of panel is lower than 15 degree when sticking.
⑧Please do not pull the connector so hard when in connection. For female connector, please hold the house when in connector.
⑨Do not pull the lead wire directly. For FPC( Flexible printed circuits) structure, please unlock the socket before plugging.
⑩Note:To assure the switch life , please put it on the table flatly when testing the hand feeling. Do not pinch the button when holding it on hand.

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