Our New Project--Top Panel & Graphic Overlay for Braille E-Reader

Author:Flexkys Co.Ltd. 2019-04-04

Application: Braille E-Reader
Size: 360.40mm*181.00mm

Graphic Overlay Material: PET (Autotex F200) +PET Adhesive 
* There are braille menus on the side of 11 side-by-side keys. The area of braille is 165* 14mm, and the height of
brailles are required to be same and consistent, so it requires highly for mold and embossing process.
* The grille interval designed to display braille in the reading area is very narrow, die cutting will be easy to
break the grille, so we can only laser cut one by one, as there are many braille display slots, it needs a very long
processing time.

* Panel outline punching and braille display hole laser cutting are completed in two times, the alignment
requirements for the two punching is high, the error is required within the range of 0.15mm.
* The outline of back adhesive is 0.5mm uniformly smaller than the outline of the top panel, which requires
high accuracy of the adhesive placement and alignment.

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