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Fighting together with COVID-192020-06-01

Fighting together with COVID-19

New factory opened in Siyang!2019-06-11

In July 2018, our new factory came into use in Suqian, Jiangsu province. After one year’s preparation, the floor space and machines are expanded to a new level. Totally, we owned 34 professional production equipment.

Our New Project--Top Panel & Graphic Overlay for Braille E-Reader2019-04-04

We offer membrane switch, capacitive touch switch, graphic overlay, force sensor, seat sensor, membrane heater, in-mold decoration as well as several other complementary products and assembly services for customer applications. 

Are you going to celebrate Christmas?2018-12-21

Recently months,we have researched a new product FSR(Force Sensitive Resistor)

Meet us at Messe Munich November 13,2018!2018-10-17

Flexkys are going to participate in the Messe Munich in Germany on November 13th!

New Project with MICRORAD NHT-3D from Italy2017-04-11

MICRORAD is a professional manufacturer of portable broadband electromagnetic radiation field strength meter from Italy.

New Project with HOBART Scale from Mexico.2017-01-17

New Project with HOBART Scale from Mexico.

New Project with Farayand Niru Pardaz Co. from Iran.2016-12-19

Farayand Niru Pardaz Co. is a manufacter of alarm annunciator from Iran.

Flexkys Developed a New Project with Televend from Crotia.2016-11-16

Flexkys Developed a New Project with Televend from Crotia.

Flexkys visited Sweden for TEC Lund and Customer Interview2016-10-09

Flexkys visited Sweden for TEC Lund and Customer Interview from 26th to 30th of September, 2016

Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival ( Septmber 15th, 2016)2016-09-18

August of the Lunar Calendar 15 is rice mature time, is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.We Chinese eat mooncakes to celebrate it. Chang’e is a lady who ate the elixir of life and flight to the Moon on this day. She has a white rabbit who is making Chinese herbal medicine there.

Meet us at TEC Lund, September 29 !2016-08-30

The Evertiq Conference, TEC Lund, which will take place on Scandic Star Hotel on September 29, 2016 between 09:00-16:00!

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