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Customized Rice Cooker Decoration Front Panel





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►Basic info
PMMA printed panels, as decorative panels, are commonly used in display windows of home appliances and electronic devices, such as dishwashers, robot vacuums, coffee machines, hemopiezometer,  POS machines,  e.t.c. PMMA is hard and display well, also it can provide good protection for the display screen.

►Common Materials

Thickness Peculiarity
PMMA Normal 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0mm
•hard than PC
•good window stability
•The surface hardness of PPMA with hard coating  can achieve 3H.

Hard coat(single side,double side)

Optional Rear adhesive: 3M 467,3M 468,3M 200 MP,3M 300LSE,3M 9080A,3M55280

►Working temperature:-30~70℃

►Mount Guidance
Clean up the surface where the switch is bonded and make sure it is flat ,without rust, oil and dust.
Compare the panel size with the paste area and confirm the direction.
Tear off a corner of the bottom release paper and locate the correct position, then slowly remove the rest release paper and flatten the panel.
If you fail to mount the panel in one time, tear off  the panel and remount it. Please change another panel if the back adhesive is broken and clear up the paste area.

►Surface texture


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