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►In-Mold Decoration
In-mold decoration (IMD, as it is called by manufacturers) is a special type of plastic molding that is used for coating plastic surfaces, is an internationally popular surface decoration technology. It consists of 3 layers, hardened transparent film is on the surface, printed pattern layer is in the middle, plastic injection part is on the back. It can make the product resist to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and keep the color bright and not easy to fade for a long time. IMD are widely applied to consumer products, just a few of them are listed here.

• A.I. Equipment
• Touch panel
• Beauty device

• Mobile phone
• Automotive interiors

►Structure of IMD

►Performance in temperature & hardness
Working temperature:-30℃~65℃
Hardness of surface:2H~3H

For plastic products, IMD is an efficient, durable and cost effective alternative to painting or printing. In fact, it is now the decorative process of choice among original equipment manufacturers and other plastic product designers. It offers design flexibility that is just not achievable through other decorative processes. And better still, IMD can be used on nearly any type of plastic product there is.

►IMD products for reference


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